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The Bad AC Vs. The Good AC

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to lump things into categories like “good” and “bad.” Especially when it comes to products, things are usually part of a scale that can be measured. But the one thing we’d say about “good” or “bad” categories, is that they can sometimes give us insight into what to do and what not to do.

Today, we’d like to compare two air conditioning systems. One is “good” and the other is “bad.” These might seem like arbitrary labels, but we promise that as we explain the differences between the two, you’ll understand what makes a good air conditioner different from a bad one.

The good news is that everyone can make their AC units part of the good group. It just takes some effort and the help of a professional to perform AC repair in Centralia, WA.


An air conditioner will always make some noise as it runs. But there are serious differences between good and bad air conditioner noises.

  • The good air conditioner will run in full cycles. You’ll only really hear the whirr of the compressor as it runs, and the whooshing of air coming from air vents as the temperature decreases.
  • The bad air conditioner will grind metal against metal, make hissing or bubbling noises, or even buzz and click with electrical failures. Any sound that is uncomfortable or too loud is usually a sign that your AC fits in this category. Make sure you call for repairs if this is the case.


Air conditioners are designed to keep you comfortable. You’ll see different returns depending on how good your AC is working.

  • A good AC will cool your home to the temperature listed on the thermostat, as long as it’s realistic.
  • A bad AC will be unable to reach your desired temperature and struggle to meet even the basic cooling demand of your home. This definitely calls for AC repair.


Efficiency is one of the key ways to measure how good or bad your air conditioner is running.

  • A good AC will run without using too much electricity. The energy bills you pay on a monthly basis will be predictable and fit right in your budget where they should be.
  • A bad AC will run too long and use too much electricity without any benefits. Any AC that costs more than you can afford to run it, is not running as efficiently as it should.


Lastly, a convenient air conditioner is one that is easy to use and that runs exactly the way that you want it to.

  • A good AC is easy to use and borderline fun. The thermostat should be easy to use for the whole family, and your system itself should be fairly responsive to your comfort needs. If you change the temperature, it should probably be reflected quickly in your home.
  • A bad AC will be practically unresponsive, or struggle to meet the demands set on your thermostat. You might have a bad thermostat that’s making your life more inconvenient by being old and outdated.

If you’ve got an AC or thermostat that fits in the “bad” category, then make sure you call our team so we can get things figured out!

Contact Americool Heating & Air Conditioning for help with your air conditioning. Your comfort is our business!

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