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Sensible Condo Comfort

Condos are a bit different from houses when it comes to heating or cooling them. Sure, they can feel very similar to owning a house, and in many respects they are similar, but there can be some strict regulations and codes to follow. For instance, condos tend to be smaller than single-family homes, and they tend to have small outdoor space for things like AC condenser units.

But condos still need to be heated and cooled just like any other home, and this can be done with many of the same systems we’d install for other residences. Even though there might be subtle differences in terms of condo HVAC in Centralia, WA, we can still work with owners to ensure things are done properly.

Let’s have a conversation about installing HVAC systems in condos, and some of the main things to be concerned about.

Practical Heating and Cooling

For starters, condos can be more affordable than single-family homes, which means that many condo owners are working on tight budgets. This might not allow for much flexibility when it comes to heating and cooling.

For powerful, affordable, and efficient cooling, a central air conditioner would be a great idea. These require a bit of space outside for the condenser unit, but can cool an entire condo using a ventilation system like air ducts.

As far as heating goes, you can’t go wrong with a gas or electric furnace, especially if you’re using ductwork for your air conditioning. These units are as affordable as they come, and they’ll last 10-15 years with routine maintenance.

But don’t stop there! Many condos are built with barely any outside space or without ductwork, which means we’ll need to think outside the box. Here are a few ways to circumvent this problem.

Going Ductless

For eco-conscious condo owners that are looking for both a heating and cooling solution, a ductless heat pump could be perfect.

For starters, these systems still require an outdoor condenser but it can be situated on a rooftop, or up against a building to save space. But the real advantage of these systems is the fact that they work via air handlers and not using ductwork. If your condo doesn’t have room for air ducts, we’d highly recommend choosing this kind of system.

Ductless mini splits are also extremely eco-friendly and energy-efficient. They run on electricity (which paves the way for a solar panel expansion to help cut costs), but they also don’t risk losing precious treated air through leaky ducts, meaning you feel 100% of the air conditioning or heating that’s created.

A Boiler Installation

Many condos are actually retrofitted old homes or buildings that have been subdivided into smaller living spaces. This is more economical and it’s not really a bad thing at all. But sometimes these buildings have intricate pipe systems that could be used to run a boiler.

Boilers are powerful heaters that run using gas or electricity to heat water. This hot water then heats your home through radiant heating, which can feel cozy during the frigid winter.

With Americool Heating & Air Conditioning, your comfort is our business. Sign up for a consultation today.

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