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Blower Door Testing in Centralia, WA

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How can you tell if your home is sealed and airtight? A blower door test is a wonderfully effective way to measure air pressure and airflow in your home, and the experts at Americool Heating & Air Conditioning can get this service set up and done properly in Centralia, WA.

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A drafty house can be the victim of cold or hot spots, poor air quality, and even issues with efficiency. A blower door test is the first step toward learning where the problematic areas are, and how we can take the next steps to help.

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Blower Door Testing

How does blower door testing work?

We start by making sure all of your doors and windows are closed to ensure the results are correct. Then, we set up the blower door, which resembles a fake door that has fans in it, designed to pull a large amount of airflow in a specific direction. We then run the blower door and measure where there are leaks or weak points of airflow in your home, and then get to sealing them.

Air Sealing

Air sealing is a standard second step of the blower door process. This is where we treat the areas that might otherwise be leading the air from your air conditioning or heating system to escape when you need it the most. If you feel like your home is drafty, or you’re just not able to get comfortable no matter what you do, sign up for our blower door testing services so we can get to sealing your home.

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