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Tips for Replacing Your Air Conditioner

You’ve had your air conditioner for well over a decade at this point and it’s high time to start looking at new ones. It barely works the way you want it to, and it costs more electricity to run per hour than pretty much all the new units available today. At this point, not upgrading would be a bad idea in nearly all respects.

But where do you start? Do you just get your central air conditioner replaced by a new one that’s the exact same? Or perhaps you look into installing a new heat pump in Centralia, WA? The choice might seem complicated, but with our help, you’ll be informed and ready to make the most sound financial decision for you and your family.

Let’s talk about some ways to prepare for your AC replacement, what you should know and how you can best upgrade your home comfort.

Going With a Central AC

Sometimes, people just want a cooling system that’s affordable and works properly. We get it, which is why we pride ourselves in performing standard central AC installations and replacements on a regular basis.

The good news is that central air conditioners are more powerful and affordable than ever before. And, you might even snatch up a unit with a high SEER rating which can provide excellent cooling for a fraction of the cost that your old air conditioner would.

Upgrading to a Heat Pump

Heat pumps are great choices for customer that are looking to upgrade their home comfort in more ways than one. Heat pumps not only function as energy-efficient cooling systems, but also as heaters for the spring, fall, and winter. This means that you can get two systems for the price of one, all using the power of electricity.

Is It Time to Go Ductless?

Sometimes, customers want a new solution that’s different from their old window unit AC or central air conditioner. A ductless system represents a new way to look at air conditioning and heating.

These units function via air handlers instead of air ducts. They’re mounted on your walls, ceilings, or even floors, and provide powerful comfort control. Ductless heat pumps are sleek, powerful, and some of the most efficient models on the market.

Evaluate Your Home’s Changes

A lot has changed in the past few years, and you’re going to want to make sure that your air conditioning reflects those changes. For instance, your newly finished basement is going to need to be added to your home’s air volume measurements when getting your AC replaced. Otherwise, it’s not going to have the power to cool the entirety of your home effectively and efficiently.

Likewise, pay close attention to your locations electricity costs per kilowatt hour. This will basically give you good insight into how much you’ll be paying on a monthly basis when comparing your old system with your new one.

Things change, and that’s totally normal. A responsible homeowner will take into account these changes and learn or grow from them!

Schedule a replacement today with Americool Heating & Air Conditioning! Your comfort is our business.

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