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24/7 Emergency Service

Serving Western Washington


Americool Heating & Air Conditioning Blog

How to Choose the Right Professional

Finding a heating and cooling professional in the 21st century can be a complicated experience. There are listings in the phonebook, recommendations from friends, and you’ll even run into billboards or parked trucks with logos that you recognize. How on earth are you supposed to choose the team that fits your specific budget and needs?

Well, that’s going to be the focus of our blog today. There are several strategies that homeowners can take to find their prospective next HVAC professional, and they all involve things you can do right now at home. Even if you’re new to the location and you don’t have friend or coworker recommendations, it’s still possible for you to find a great technician to help you with AC repair or heating installation.

Read the Reviews

Start off with one of the most powerful tools at your disposal–online reviews! It’s now extremely easy for customers to write reviews for HVAC teams, whether they’re through Google or another service. These reviews are important because they come from other community members who might be in the exact same position that you’re in.

If you’re worried about shady business practices or hidden fees, then these reviews will stick out like a sore thumb. Otherwise, consistent 5-star reviews mean that you’re in very good shape to call this team and schedule service.

Awards and Community Involvement

A team that goes above and beyond to achieve awards or certifications is always going to be a good choice. These can be team-wide efforts, or sometimes the effort of the company owner or an employee. Either way, this is what we would consider community involvement, and it means they’re a thoughtful member of your local community.

For example, we’ve won the Top New Construction Company for Gensco in 2021 and 2022. We also continue to land among the Top 3 Dealers every single year. This shows consistency, and that we’re good at what we do.

Core Values

What does your prospective HVAC contractor believe in? That might sound like a cheesy question, but we’re serious.

Core values represent the heart of a business. It’s why they do the work they do, and it represents their drive to do their very best. For instance, our brand promise is to take care of every single customer, and we won’t stop until we get complete satisfaction. That’s a promise, and you can take that promise to heart.

A Good Personality Fit

Hiring a professional HVAC technician feels a lot better when they’re a good personality fit. What do we mean by that?

It’s simple. If you find yourself being able to talk easily with your technician, laugh at their jokes, or even find their input helpful or knowledgeable, then it sounds like they’re a perfect match. Remember, a good technician is a resource for you. They can help you in some of the most stressful situations, so it’s always a good idea to have a friendly repertoire with them.

The technicians on our team are paid well, from the local area, and are as friendly as they come. This means a lot, because a customer always remembers a friendly technician that they got along with.

Choose a team that fits you. Contact Americool Heating & Cooling today for comprehensive HVAC service.

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