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24/7 Emergency Service

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When Furnaces Go Wrong

Furnaces are common in the United States for a very good reason, they’re sleek, affordable, durable, and they get the job done for a low price. Natural gas is produced domestically and regulated by local municipalities, so when you purchase a gas furnace, you’ll get great heat for a pretty affordable rate throughout the system’s lifespan. However, furnaces do have their own unique problems.

Unlike heat pumps or electrical heating systems, gas furnaces rely on a burner to produce heat through a gas flame. This can create fumes which then need to be jettisoned from your system through an exhaust port. Any hiccups in this process can be dangerous for you and your family, and also lead to your home becoming ice cold if you’re not careful.

Don’t worry, our team is here to help. We’ll walk you through a few common furnace problems and when to call a pro. But you can also call our team now for heating repairs in Centralia, WA and schedule an appointment.

A Furnace Making Noises

A furnace should be producing heat for your home with minimal sounds. In fact, the sound you likely should be hearing on a regular basis is a gentle “whoosh” or “whir” from your vents which signifies that the blower fan is working properly. This fan pushes the heated air through your duct system and into the rooms of your home.

If your furnace is making other sounds, like a grinding, a whistling, a booming, a shaking, or even something else not listed here but that feels uncomfortable, then you’ll need to schedule a repair.

Sounds are one of the easiest and most obvious ways to detect a fault in your furnace system, and they can become dangerous over time.

Foul Odors Permeating From the System

We all can recognize the scent of gas at this point, and if your furnace is leaking gas, that’s a good reason for you to shut it off and leave the home immediately. Smelling gas can mean there’s a fire hazard or some kind of leak coming from your furnace system which is a safety concern for your entire home.

Other smells like smoke or fumes can signal problems, but the problem is going to depend on what’s going wrong inside the system.

Here’s a general rule of thumb–if you smell anything bad coming from your furnace throughout a cycle, then shut it down and schedule an appointment.

Broken Vents and Ductwork

How is your furnace supposed to heat your home if the heat can’t actually get to where you are? Broken vents, clogged vents, and ductwork that’s in disrepair are some of the most classic problems with a cold house.

If it feels like certain vents in your home aren’t producing any heat at all, but the system is still working perfectly fine, then schedule a repair with our team.

Not Enough Heat

Lastly, your heating system should keep your entire home cozy and comfortable for the entire winter. If it can’t, or if it feels like you’re bundling up a little too much because your heater barely works, then that sounds like you need some help.

Contact Americool Heating & Air Conditioning for comprehensive heating services. Your comfort is our business!

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