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Whether it’s heating, cooling, or improving the air quality of your home or business, rest assured that AMERICOOL Heating & Air Conditioning has the right product for you. With quality products and packages from American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning, AMERICOOL Heating & Air Conditioning will meet your needs and provide you with the best heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality solution.

The Right Fit

The best way for us to deliver the comfort you deserve is to “right-size” your Heating and Cooling system.

Contact us to conduct a home comfort analysis. This includes listening to your comfort needs and requests and performing a “load calculation” to determine the capacity and capabilities of your current system, and what could be done to improve it. This important step helps match the right system for your home’s size and your family’s needs, such as ensuring rooms are evenly heated or cooled.

Proper equipment sizing and matching can also extend the life of your investment when all components are working together as a team, and efficiently operating at the right time, speed, and temperatures.

Home Comfort with Americool

Home comfort really starts with a matched system. A matched system is made up of components that are designed to work together to provide greater efficiency, reliability and comfort. Matched systems can be “split” (separate units placed inside and outside the home) or “packaged” (one single unit, which houses all components in a single cabinet, placed outside the home). Americool can tell you what application is best for your home. And for even greater comfort and cleaner indoor air, an air filtration system can be added to your existing furnace or air handler to filter out unwanted airborne particles.

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Air Conditioners

Heating & Cooling

An American Standard Air Conditioner will keep your home cool and comfortable even on the hottest days – and use less energy doing it. Experience what total home comfort can feel like today.

Air Handlers

Heating & Cooling

Each American Standard HVAC Air Handler Unit (AHU) can be paired with a heat pump or air conditioner in order to efficiently circulate warm or cool air throughout your house.


Heating & Cooling

Paired with your air conditioner, heat pump and/or furnace blower, these HVAC coils manage the transfer of heat.


Heating & Cooling

Our industry leading furnaces deliver the energy efficiency you want and durability you need for home comfort that can’t be beat.

Heat Pumps

Heating & Cooling

American Standard heat pumps heat and cool your home – making them a more energy efficient system in many ways.

Packaged Systems

Heating & Cooling

Enjoy the comfort and convenience of winter-and-summertime relief all in one sleek package. With an American Standard Packaged System, you can heat or cool your home without multiple units taking up space.


Heating & Cooling

No ductwork? No problem. Even homes without ductwork can be filled with comfort and peace of mind thanks to American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning ductless systems.


Thermostat Controls

Take control of the comfort levels in your home with an American Standard thermostat control. These thermostats come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each offering many different features.

Air Quality

Did you know that indoor pollutants can get trapped inside your home? As a result, your family might be breathing indoor air that is up to five times less healthy than what’s outside.


Temperatures can fluctuate from one room to the next. That’s where an American Standard AccuLink™ Zoning System can help. These HVAC zoning systems are designed to assist in keeping temperatures, air quality, and comfort at a consistent level, year after year.

Home Intelligence

Bring smart home automation to your home. Whether you’re purchasing your first smart home system or searching for faster smart home management options, we have the solutions you need.

Light Commercial

American Standard brings into the business world all the comfort and reliability you’ve come to expect at home. Commercial air conditioning products are built with both affordability and efficiency in mind.

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We are proud to be an American Standard Customer Care Dealer and were even given the prestigious Diamond Dealer award for being the top dealer in our five-state region.

We have been a Customer Care Dealer since we were awarded Platinum Dealer of the Year in 2009. We are also Ductless Master Installers, so we can install the popular and super-efficient ductless heat pumps.

We can handle all aspects of heating and cooling your home as well as taking care of new construction projects and commercial properties. Contact usrequest an appointment, or call us at 360-273-3300 to find out how we can help you stay comfortable and save money all year long.

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